Emergency Dental Care

emergency dentist for tooth pain in Casper Wyoming

Accidents turn into emergencies quickly. And when that happens, you need an emergency dentist to call on. Our dentists are able to see emergency patients same-day, no appointments needed. In addition, walk-ins are accepted. Whether it’s tooth pain or an injury, we take all our patients and their pain seriously.

  • Knocked-out tooth: If you’ve dislodged or broken a tooth, handle the tooth with care, and only touch it on the crown. The crown of the tooth is the part of the tooth we see when we open our mouths to brush our teeth. It’s the white bone part that is above the surface of the gum. Place the dislodged tooth or the pieces in milk. Milk is a good place to store a tooth because cells from the root surface on the tooth won’t swell and burst. Milk also contains proteins and sugars that will actually nourish the tooth a bit. DO NOT PLACE THE TOOTH IN WATER. Swelling and bursting of the root surface will occur, damaging the tooth further. Get to the dentist as soon as you can.
  • Object stuck in teeth: If something is lodged in your teeth and will not come out with brushing and flossing, you may need to come see us. DO NOT try to pry it out with anything sharp. Call us to schedule an appointment to have the object removed with the proper dental equipment.
  • emergency dental care for Casper

  • Bitten lip or tongue: If the bit is severe enough to need a cold compress, apply ice to the bitten area. If you think the area needs examined, call us to set up an appointment. If you’ve bitten your tongue or lip and the bleeding won’t stop, contact us immediately.
  • Extreme tooth pain or toothache: If you’re experiencing any heightened aching, throbbing, or extremely sensitive to the heat or the cold, contact us to set up a diagnosis appointment. There’s a chance you might be suffering from an infection if any of these symptoms are occuring. We don’t want you suffering any pain in silence. Call our office for appointment.

If there is concern that the jaw has been broken, go immediately to the nearest ER.

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