Root Canals

Root Canals and Toothache Relief

root canal for tooth infection treatment in Casper WyomingA root canal is both a location in a tooth and procedure done on a tooth. The root canals of a tooth extend downward or upward from the pulp of the tooth. The pulp of a tooth is the most important, vital part of a tooth. It’s where the cells and blood vessels of a tooth are. The pulp of a tooth is what makes the tooth a living thing in need of nourishment rather than just a bone in your mouth. The root canals are lined with tooth pulp. They are attached to the nerve endings of the tooth, which are located at the very base of the tooth, where it ends and the jaw or roof of the mouth begin.

When the pulp inside a root canal becomes infected, the infection can travel up to the center of the tooth and cause it to decay. Infection can also travel down to the nerve endings of the tooth and cause abscess. An abscess is a swollen, infected area.

A common symptom of a potential infection in your root canals includes severe toothache. If any type of pressure is applied to the area and it hurts, there may be an indication of tooth infection. Another indication is teeth sensitivity to hot or cold things long after the effects have faded away. Sometimes small bumps will rise up on the gums around the painful area.

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Tooth Infection Treatment

If you need toothache relief or think you might need tooth infection treatment, Priority Dental is the place to come. Our endodontists study and know how to treat tooth pulp with care and precision. After examining the area, our trained professionals will schedule an appointment with you to correct the pain.

A root canal that is infected needs to be cleaned out. During a root canal procedure, the tooth pulp will be carefully removed from the tooth. The endodontist will then clean, disinfect, and shape the root canals. A filling will be placed within the tooth to seal off the previously infected space and prevent it from further infection.

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