The Rate of Bone Loss After Extraction Can Be Slowed or Stopped With an Implant

bone loss after tooth extraction

Bone loss is an unfortunate and common result of the loss of a tooth, whether from extraction or some other reason. Dental implants, like those available from Priority Dental in Casper, can slow and even stop it. Bone loss, or recession, occurs because the bone’s density is no longer preserved by the action of chewing. […]

Priority Dental’s Soft Opening Plan for May 2020

Priority Dental of Casper Wyoming

To our amazing patients, First, know that you are missed, and we are ever so grateful for your return. We offer our thoughts and prayers for anyone close to you who has been impacted physically, and/or financially by the virus. Even though we are thrilled to see you, we will refrain from handshakes and hugs. […]

Tooth Restoration: Dental Implants And Dental Bridges

Casper Dental Implants and Dental Bridges

Tooth replacement is a highly requested procedure at Priority Dental in Casper. When patients ask about tooth restoration, we tell them about fixed (or traditional) bridges and dental implants. A dental bridge is an artificial tooth that replaces a missing tooth. The false tooth—called a pontic—is fused to porcelain crowns on both sides of the […]